Never Sleep With Your Ex

by Lolo Zouai - pop

I mixed and mastered this song for Lolo Zouai in the fall of 2019.

This mix is a fairly standard pop mix with some experimental vocal edits and a strong acoustic snare sample.

Never Sleep With Your Ex - Lolo Zouai
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by Elizabeth Thomas - pop/lo-fi

I mixed and mastered two songs for Elizabeth Thomas in 2019.

This mix is a slow lo-fi production with a lot of low end.

Roaming - Elizabeth Thomas
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Moon Jelly

by The Sick Boy Method - math rock

I was approached by this band in 2019 to record, mix, and master their debut album. This mix includes all live instruments with only a few effects on each track. I tried to capture the raw feeling of their playing, while still keeping the overall aesthetic clean.

You can hear their entire album here.

Moon Jelly - The Sick Boy Method
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by Falling Off Earth - alternative rock

This mix has some live instruments, and some midi tracks. For this song in particular, I had to keep every instrument clear and audible while still trying to achieve a very full hard rock aesthetic.

Distance - Falling Off Earth
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Foreign Land

by Andrew McMullen - indie

I wrote and recorded this song to showcase a softer mix. This song has all acoustic instruments, with several vocal styles included. One important aspect of the song is the unnaturally long reverb. It was difficult to make this stylistic choice work with the rest of the song. I had to make room for it, and treat it as an instrument in and of itself.

Foreign Land - Andrew McMullen
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2019 Andrew McMullen